The mission of the Environmental Sustainability Student Coalition is to address sustainability challenges by forming long-standing partnerships amongst UC Davis student environmental organizations. 


What We Do

The Environmental Sustainability Student Coalition was created to address a need for more communication and collaboration among environmental organizations on the UC Davis campus. It provides a central source of knowledge and participation in all sustainability projects happening on campus, so as to more effectively address environmental issues as a unified group of students. Frequent meetings are to be held with all member organizations in order to have open discussions about ongoing sustainability projects and current news in environmental science. By providing a central source of marketing for environmental events, the ESSC also aims to increase the accessibility of environmental projects to the entire student body. The ESSC maintains continuity in environmental projects by implementing an administrative framework for continuing initiatives that can no longer be taken on by their parent organization. While most environmental organizations focus on tackling environmental issues from one specific angle – whether that be researching environmental problems, expanding sustainable infrastructure on campus, educating citizens, or engaging in political activism – the ESSC links these organizations into one, streamlined problem-solving process. The ESSC works to foster greater partnerships on large-scale, meaningful projects, while encouraging a culture of environmental responsibility across campus.

Organizational Status

The ESSC is a diverse group of UC Davis Registered Student Organizations working toward common goals, with a mutually agreed upon, codified set of governing rules and obligations to help structure their activities, all in partnership with the Office of Sustainability and other relevant campus organizations.


The ESSC shall have the following goals:

  • To increase the environmental sustainability of the UC Davis campus, the UC system, the city of Davis, the State of California, and the United States of America.
  • To mitigate the negative impacts that anthropogenic changes to the environment have on UC Davis students.
  • To ensure that minorities and marginalized communities are not disproportionately impacted by environmental issues.
  • To provide effective methods of linkage and networking between environmental organizations.
  • To provide an organized platform for collaborative projects amongst UC Davis student environmental organizations and external groups involved in environmental sustainability.
  • To ensure student representation in UC Davis administration’s decision-making around sustainability.
  • To provide resources to environmental organizations.
  • To give students a venue to connect with like-minded students interested in environmental sustainability.


The ESSC shall have the following obligations:

  • The development of a more sustainable UC Davis, UC system, city of Davis, State of California, and United States of America
  • Mitigation of negative environmental externalities
  • Advocacy for sustainability issues affecting students
  • Creation of channels for inclusion for all students
  • Ownership and support of the ESSC by coalition members and the community
  • High level of trust and reciprocity among members
  • Frequent and ongoing training for members
  • Active involvement of members to develop an action plan of goals and objectives
  • Implementation of a community action plan
  • Productive meetings and decision-making
  • Guidelines and procedures for order and directive
  • Continuous evaluation of the coalition and its activities
  • Effective structure: Committed leadership team guides the coalition to design/implement strategies

Who is a part of the Environmental Sustainability Student Coalition?

The Environmental Sustainability Student Coalition is made up of on-campus environmental-sustainability-related organizations, relevant campus bodies, and environmentally-focused graduate and professional school students. 

To learn more about how the composition of the ESSC, visit the Organizational Structure page.

To learn more about its Member Organizations, Ex-officio Members and Organizations, and its supporting bodies, visit the Members page.